Problems connecting to the Smart Controller’s hotspot

While the WiFi signal may look strong before you connect, it can significantly drop in intensity while the Smart Controller is transmitting information. Keep your phone or tablet within a few feet to minimize transmission problems. Please check the information below regarding some phones. If the problem persists, contact technical support.

Smart Controller error connecting hotspot

Important note to Android owners

After connecting to the hotspot, you should wait about 10 seconds before returning to the app. Your phone may notify you that this access point does not have Internet access, and ask you whether you want to remain connected. You should confirm that you do before pressing “Next” in step 3. Otherwise you will see an error message in the app.

Smart Controller error connecting hotspotSmart Controller error connecting hotspot

Important note to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners

Some owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are experiencing Wi-fi connection problems. When adding a Smart Controller, the phone won't be able to connect properly to the Smart Controller's hotspot and the app won't go further the step 3. Until Samsung fix this problem in future updates, the only solution for now is to use another phone to add the Smart Controller to your account. As a last resort, you can also use our Web App to add the Smart Controller to your account. Adding blinds, controlling the blinds and creating schedules can be done using the app in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 without problems.

Smart Controller didn't come online

Smart Controller error connecting hotspot

This can happen for a few reasons:

  1. The wrong WiFi credentials (i.e. combination of network name and password) were provided. We suggest verifying you can connect with another device (e.g. phone or tablet) using those WiFi credentials before trying again. If you see this error message and your Neo Smart Blinds Controller is blinking blue, it is because the wrong credential were provided.
  2. The WiFi signal is not strong enough. Even with the right credentials, your Neo Smart Blinds Controller will fail to connect if it doesn’t get a strong signal from the router. Move it closer and try again. Your Neo Smart Blinds Controller will be blinking green or blue rapidly if this is the problem.
  3. Your WiFi network does not have access to the Internet, or your internet is being blocked by a firewall. Your Controller will be blinking green very slowly if this is the problem.
  4. A firewall is blocking your Neo Smart Blinds Controller access to our servers. Your Controller will be alternating between flashing cyan/blue-green and orange if this is the problem. Make sure to configure your firewall to allow outgoing CoAP TCP connection to on port 5683.

This Controller is already associated with another account

Smart Controller App associated Account

This error message appears if your Smart Controller has already been added to another account. For example, an account you created with another email. A Smart Controller can only belong to a single account, so you must delete it from the old account before adding it to the new one.

If you have not already added it to another account, contact technical support.

Smart Controller shows offline in the app

Various things could cause your Smart Controller to stop working normally. First, ensure it is connected to a wall charger and has power, then check if the light located on the back of the Smart Controller is on.

Quick fix

In most cases, the problem can be solved by restarting the Smart Controller. Press once the "R" button on the back of the Smart Controller, then observe the light color and behavior. Is it breathing/pulsing cyan (blue green)? If yes, it's back online. Open the Neo Smart Blinds app, go to the "Your Controllers" page and tap on the refresh icon in the upper right corner to update the Smart Controller status. If the problem persists, check the list below to know what's happening with the Smart Controller and how to properly troubleshoot it.

The light is blinking green

It can be a problem related to the Wifi credentials, caused by replacing the router or changing the Wifi network name and/or password. In these cases, you will need to delete the Smart Controller from the app, clear the old credentials by holding the “S” button for 10s and adding it again to the app using the new Wifi credentials. If the process fails, please see this topic.

If your router was moved recently, leaving the Smart Controller out of its signal range, unplug the Smart Controller and plug it somewhere central in the house closer to the router. The Smart Controller should come online automatically.

If none of the above solutions fix the problem, reboot your Wifi router and try again.

The light is breathing/pulsing magenta (red blue)

Something went wrong during the firmware update and the Smart Controller entered safe mode. Press once the "R" button on the back of the Smart Controller to reboot it. It should start blinking magenta, indicating that the firmware update has started progress.Please read the topic "The light is blinking magenta" to know more about this.

The light is blinking magenta (red blue)

A firmware update is in progress. This process normally takes up to 5 minutes to complete. Do not turn off power to the Smart Controller during this time. After the update is complete, the Smart Controller will come back online automatically. You can visually confirm by looking at the light, which will be breathing/pulsing cyan. The app will also indicate that Smart Controller is online. If the app still says that the Smart Controller is offline, go to the "Your Controllers" page and tap on the refresh icon in right upper corner to update the Smart Controller status.

If the problem persists, please contact our technical support to further help you.

How to operate the motor using the remote control

It depends of which setup code you have in your account. Please use the table below to download the motor programming and operating instructions for the setup code in use in your account.

Using the Neo Smart Blinds app:

  1. Tap on the menu (upper left corner)
  2. Select settings
  3. Tap on View advanced settings, in the bottom of the page

Setup CodeFavorite PositionStop and Favorite PositionMotor Instructions
N2421 (default)-Stop and favorite button availableDownload
W3428*Favorite button available-Download
D8543Favorite button available-Download
M6707-Stop and favorite button availableDownload
MA432Favorite button available-Download
E8965-Stop and favorite button availableDownload
X3696-Stop and favorite button availableDownload
NEOV1Favorite button available-Choose Remote Control
N0412**--Not available
* Limit of one Smart Controller per account and eight blinds per room
** Limit of one Smart Controller per account

The blind does not acknowledge the pairing signal in step 4

Smart Controller App associated Account

If it doesn’t work after several attempts you should try one of the following:

  1. Ensure the blind is actually in Pair-Mode. A blind will automatically exit Pair-Mode if it isn’t sent a pairing signal within several minutes. To ensure a blind is in Pair-Mode:
    1. Force the blind into its normal operating state. This can be done by selecting its channel on its primary remote control, then pushing up or down repeatedly until it starts to move. This may take 15-20 clicks of the remote if the blind was in pair-mode.
    2. On the blind, push and hold the “P” button for 2-3 seconds until it jogs back-and-forth or beeps. Now press “Retry” in the app.
  2. Reposition your Neo Smart Blinds Controller closer to the blind so as to improve the signal strength, then push “Retry”. See instructions for repositioning your Neo Smart Blinds Controller.
  3. Make sure the setup code is right. To check it, tap on the menu (left corner in the top), then tap on Settings. In the bottom of the page, tap on "view advanced settings". The setup code should be the same as the provided on the instructions or provided by your dealer.

My original remote control no longer works with one of my blinds

Smart Controller App associated Account

This can occur for several reasons:

  1. The blind motor does not have power. Ensure the batteries are charged.
  2. The remote control is not working. Ensure it can control another blind. If it can’t, replace the batteries or the remote control.
  3. The memory on the blind was cleared. If the “P” button is held for too long, or if it is pressed for 2-3 seconds when the blind is already in Pair-Mode, the blind will jog back and forth twice, indicating the memory has been cleared. If this happens you will need to repair the original remote control. To do so:
    1. On the blind, press and hold the “P” button for 2-3 seconds, until it jogs back-and-forth or beeps.
    2. On the remote control, select a channel for the blind, then press “C” (on the back of the remote).

I repositioned my Smart Controller but it won't get to state 4

Smart Controller App Repositioning Issue

This is likely because the WiFi signal is not strong enough in the Smart Controller’s new location. Move the Smart Controller to a position with a stronger WiFi signal.

I changed my router and the Smart Controller is not working anymore

This is normal to happen since the Smart Controller needs the new Wifi network and its password in order to work. You can either change these informations in your router or delete the controller from you account and add it again.

To delete your Smart Controller:

  1. Open the menu in the app
  2. Tap on Your Controllers
  3. Delete your controller using the trash icon
Smart Controller App Repositioning Issue

To add your controller back to your account, please follow this step by step below

Adding a controller

The schedule didn’t run automatically

All the Smart Controllers of your account need to be online (with Internet access) at the scheduled time so the command can be sent to the blind(s). If it’s not the case, check if the scheduled time was well set and if AM/PM was correctly chosen.

I have the latest version of the app, but the relative schedule doesn’t show up for me

The relative schedule is a beta feature, not all accounts will be supported at the moment. The final version of this feature will support all accounts.

I can’t see relative schedule when using another phone/tablet

Please update the app on all your devices. Only the 2.1.0 version or later of the app supports the relative schedule feature.