Control4 Integration

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Savant Integration

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How to connect to Google Assistant

You will need the Google Home app and a Google Assistant enabled device (speaker or phone).


Tap on "Add"

Open the Google Home app, then tap on the plus button.

If you have multiple Google accounts, make sure you are using the one linked to your Google Assistant enabled device. To switch accounts, tap on the user button, located on the navigation bar located on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Smart Controller Integration with Google Assistant

Choose the option "Set up device"

On the Add screen, tap on the option "Set up device".

Motorized blind and shades integration to Google Assistant

Choose the option "Have something already set up?"

On the Set up screen, under the "Works with Google" section, tap on the option "Have something already set up?".

Open blind and shades using to Google Home

Add Neo Smart Blinds

Tap on the magnifier button located in the top right corner of the page. Search for Neo Smart Blinds and tap on it.

Neo Smart Blinds Integration Google Assistant

Enter your login information for Neo Smart Blinds app

Provide your Neo Smart Blinds login information (email and password). Tap on the allow button to proceed.

For a brief moment, the Google Home app will show a white page with the message "Accounts were linked". Wait for the app redirect you to the next step.

Google Assistant Authorization to access your Smart Controler

If necessary, change the name or rooms of blinds, and finish the process

Google Assistant will automatically assign your blinds to new rooms or existing rooms (when there is a name match between the 2 apps).

If necessary, you can edit each device info. Tap on the blind icon, then tap on the information you want to change.

Smart Controller Integration Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant voice commands

To control all blinds in the same Google Assistant room, start by choosing "open" or "close" then add the room name and the word "blinds" or "shades", plural form, at the end.

Hey Google, open/close [room name] blinds/shades.

To control individual blinds, start with "open" or "close" then just add the blind name. Do not add the word "blind", "blinds", "shade" or "shades" at the end.

Hey Google, open/close [blind/shade name].

Here are some practical examples.

Hey Google, open kitchen blinds.

Google Assistant will open all blinds assigned to the kitchen room.

Hey Google, close behind the sofa.

Google Assistant will close the blind/shade with the name "behind the sofa".

Hey Google, open shades.

Google Assistant will open all shades assigned to the room your Google speaker is also assigned to.

If you’re using a phone or your Google speaker was not assigned to any room, all your shades on your account will open.

Hey Google, close all blinds.

Google Assistant will close all blinds assigned to all the rooms you have.

How to connect Amazon Alexa

If you have two or more Smart Controller, please note that all Controllers need to be online in order for Alexa to work properly.

Amazon Alexa is being sold in several countries, including US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (early this year, as Amazon announced). Our Amazon Alexa Skill is available in English in 4 locales (UK, US, CA, AU).

You can connect your Smart Controller to your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show and use voice commands via Alexa to control your blinds. All you need is to have the Amazon Alexa app in your device with an account set up and follow the steps below.


Access Skills & Games

Open the Amazon Alexa app on your device and tap on the menu located in the upper left corner. Then, tap on "Skills & Games".

Smart Controller Integration Amazon Alexa app menuSmart Controller Integration Amazon Alexa menu skills

Enable the Neo Smart Blinds skill

Using the search field, search for Neo Smart Blinds. Tap on the Neo Smart Blinds icon, then tap on "Enable to use" button.

Smart Controller Integration Amazon AlexaSmart Controller Integration Amazon Alexa enable skill

Enter your login information for your Smart Controller

Provide your Neo Smart Blinds login information (email and password). Tap on "Allow" to proceed.

Amazon Alexa Login information for Smart Controller

If you don't know your login information, open the Neo Smart Blinds app and tap on the upper left menu. Your email is right at the top of the menu. If you forgot your password, tap on Logout, then tap on the Forgot your password? link and follow the instructions to set a new password for your account.

Smart Controller finding the login information

Authorize Amazon Alexa

Before accepting, make sure your Smart Controller is online (plugged into the wall charger and with pulsing cyan/blue-green LED). Tap on the Authorize button.

Go back to the Alexa app; it will prompt you to discover devices. If you don't see this option, tap on the left corner menu, then choose Devices.

Smart Controller Integration Amazon Alexa authorize

Discover devices

To discover devices, use the voice command "Alexa, discover devices". Since Amazon Alexa doesn't support blinds, your Smart Controller rooms will be under the "Switches" section of the Alexa app.

Scenes in the Smart Controller app will be also imported to the Alexa app.

Blind and shades integration to the Amazon Alexa appSmart Controller rooms in the Alexa app

Amazon Alexa voice commands

Currently, only turn on (to open blinds) and turn off (to close blinds) commands are supported by Amazon Alexa. They can be used either with room names from the Smart Controller app or groups that you have created in the Amazon Alexa app with rooms assigned.

Alexa, turn on Kitchen

“Kitchen” is the name of a room in the Smart Controller app.

Alexa, turn on all blinds

“All blinds” is the name of a group in the Amazon Alexa app

Using Alexa to control all blinds

Creating a group in the Alexa app with all your Smart Controller rooms is easy and will allow you to control all your blinds with a single voice command. To create a group, follow the step-by-step instructions below.


Access the Devices page

Open the Amazon Alexa app, tap on the menu icon in the upper left corner, then select Smart Home.

Smart Controller Integration to Amazon Alexa neosmartblinds skill

Add a group

Tap on the plus button located on the top right corner of the app. On the bottom of the page, tap on "Add Group".

How to control all blinds at once using the Alexa appHow to create a group on the Alexa app

Name your group as "All blinds"

The name of the group is the keyword you are going to use in the voice command. In this example we chose "All blinds". Remember to always choose names that will sound natural to you. Tap on the next button to continue.

Smart Controller Integration Amazon Alexa create group

Select the all rooms and save

Select all Smart Controller rooms by tapping on it. Remember, they will be all switches because Amazon Alexa doesn't support blinds yet. Tap on the Save button to save the group.

Smart Controller Integration Amazon Alexa create group

Use the name of the group in the voice command

Use the command “Turn off” to close all blinds and “Turn on” to open them.
Alexa, turn off all blinds.

Amazon Alexa routine

When creating routines in the Alexa app, you can include imported rooms or imported scenes from the Smart Controller app. To do that, when adding an action to your routine, tap on "Smart Home", then select "Control device" or "Control scene". The desired room or scene will be listed on the page.

Amazon Alexa Scenes

Scenes made in the Smart Controller app will be imported to the Alexa App when using the "Alexa, discover devices" command or by using the "Discover Scenes" button located at the bottom of the Scenes page.